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Ideas as Crucibles

France and Her Revolutions in Music and Arts

Stabile Building

Jan 4, 2:00pm
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Stabile Building 2:00pm
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Ideas as Crucibles

Frank Cooper's France and Her Revolutions in Music and Arts
Artis—Naples Lifelong Learning

Frank Cooper, Research Professor Emeritus, Musicology, at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami

The American Revolution encouraged the French to rip apart their corrupt Ancien Regime. Efforts to establish a government as stable as the Americans’ lurched as France’s republics and monarchies rose and fell. Subsequent chaos stimulated creative persons to view themselves as individuals of unlimited freedom, and the concept of genius in contemporary arts was born. Stretching from the late 18th century across the subsequent 200 years, that story provides the material for these four events:

Part One: Ideas as Crucibles

When radical thought in 18th-century Paris rallied the masses to revolt, more than the Bastille was toppled. Republican ideals inspired a new way of life that spurred writers, composers and painters to visions beyond tradition. And Napoleon’s emergence affected the arts even more profoundly.

Part Two: Romanticism’s Explosions
Part Three: Romanticism’s Spread
Part Four: Modernity in Paris

This lecture is part of Frank Cooper's France and Her Revolutions in Music and Arts series.

Evolution Revolution  This presentation is part of Artis—Naples’ 2017-18 season theme, Evolution|Revolution.

Frank Cooper

Frank Cooper

Award-winning musicologist Frank Cooper's extensive career includes work as a teacher, pianist, lecturer, writer and founder of the Festival of Neglected Romantic Music.


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