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New and Improved

Campus improvements open the 2016-17 season

Artis—Naples 2016-17 Season

The 2016-17 season promises to be an amazing experience

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Jay Leno, Picasso, and more


Summer at Artis—Naples is a time for us to recharge from the long, exciting season. That’s true both of our employees and of the Kimberly K. Querrey and Louis A. Simpson Cultural Campus. Our facilities team has been particularly busy this summer getting things ready for another remarkable year.

Some of the changes won’t be immediately noticeable, if at all. We’re more than 50 percent into a replacement of the roofs of Hayes Hall and Daniels Pavilion. This monumental undertaking is spread out over two years. And Perre Edwards, chief financial officer, says it is an important investment in the future.

“Our original roof was at the end of its useful life,” she says. “This new roof will last for another 30 years.”

The project will go on hiatus in September, with the final pieces put in place in late spring when activity on campus slows again.

Another improvement that isn’t visible but with a profound impact on many patrons is the installation of a new loop hearing system, made possible by a donation from a generous board member. People with hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoil technology will have sound sent directly to their devices when activated.

Hearing loop systems use the telecoil, originally developed to help people hear phone conversations better, as an antenna that captures the sounds on stage while minimizing background noise. Our traditional amplification devices are still available for those who prefer them or who do not have a telecoil-enabled hearing device.

Other campus improvements will be immediately visible to all patrons, especially those who have been caught in a long line for the restrooms. Over the course of the summer, the facilities team has doubled the size of the first floor restrooms in Hayes Hall. The original men’s and women’s restrooms on each side have been combined into two men’s rooms. And two patron meeting rooms on each side have been turned into new women’s restrooms.

“We are responding to the needs of our patrons,” Perre says. “These changes come directly from patrons who have said lines at intermission were too long. Our new facilities should create a much more comfortable experience for all patrons.”

In tandem with these restroom expansions, alcoves at the end of the second floor have been enlarged to allow for more gathering spaces in Hayes Hall. The alcoves will carry the names of the original first floor rooms.

Patrons who attended donors’ lounges in the old spaces are now directed to the Kohan Gallery on the first floor.

Another important campus change is in parking. While our on-campus parking options remain the same, Artis—Naples patrons are no longer permitted to park in the Wells Fargo lot. Just as last season, thanks to an ongoing partnership, parking is permitted in the garages at Waterside Shops. New this season, a seven-passenger Club Cart will be circulating to designated pick-up spots on the first floor of the Waterside Shops parking garage. The cart will make a full loop once every 10 minutes to ferry patrons to our campus and back.

Upcoming future changes for those who prefer to walk from Waterside Shops to our campus will be improved access with more clearly defined walkways and fewer lanes of traffic where Waterside Shops and Artis—Naples meet.

As always, those patrons with limited mobility or who prefer to park on campus should plan on arriving early for performances to allow themselves plenty of time to find a spot.

October 25, 2016


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