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Image of museum goers looking at art in exhbition


Southwest Florida, Artis—Naples Latino Contemporary Art Auction

Date to be announced
Cocktail Reception in the Norris Garden
and The Baker Museum lobby
Silent Art Auction in Daniels Pavilion
Pre-event art preview at 4pm

Cocktail attire  /  Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails



A new date will
be announced soon

Celebrating its fourth year, SALCAA (formerly known as the Saint Ann Latino Contemporary Art Auction) is a vibrant night of contemporary art infused with Latin American culture. Meet and mingle with noteworthy local and international artists, savor delicious cuisine and enjoy live entertainment. This unique cultural event includes an art exhibition, silent auction and giving opportunities — all in support of youth education programs of Artis—Naples and scholarships for Catholic schools of Naples.

For more information, please call Ginny Moorefield at 239-254-2719.


2020 SALCAA Artists

All SALCAA attendees will receive a digital auction catalog which will profile the 2020 SALCAA artworks available for acquisition. The catalog will be received one week prior to the event.


Image of artist

Mely Barragán

Mely Barragán is a multidisciplinary visual artist who transforms prefabricated culture and imagery into new constructs of identity. Her work is held by numerous private and public collections and is shown individually and collectively throughout the world as a representative of border culture.


Image of artist

Mariana Cano

Mariana Cano is a Venezuelan contemporary artist whose work is inspired by her transit memories, life experiences and dreams. She is also intrigued by her relationship as a human being with the environment, the present status of her country and the imagined one.


Image of artist

Pablo Castañeda

Pablo Castañeda is a Mexican contemporary border artist. His work is a vivid patchwork of all that is beautiful and devastating about life on the Mexico-U.S. border. Influenced by classic, modern and contemporary art, Castañeda’s unique style embraces reality and simulation, the abstract and the figurative — a jigsaw accident in a wide-eyed territory.


Image of artist

Pilar Contardo

Pilar Contardo is a Chilean contemporary visual artist. Contardo paints in a figurative, expressionist style, with an intense use of colors and strong bright palette. Her paintings are precise and expressive, and themed around the human figure.


Image of artist

Arturo Correa

Arturo Correa is a Venezuelan-American contemporary visual artist featured in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Whether on canvas or wood, a particular aesthetic language is seen in Correa’s paintings, resulting from a colorful mixture of figuration and abstraction related to the combination of his Latin American roots and the Anglo-American side of his personality.


Image of artist

Jean Dornevil

Jean Dornevil takes pride in depicting his Haitian heritage in his paintings. He was born in Haiti, where he lived until his teenage years. In 2005, he moved to the U.S. and began painting his memories so they would not fade with time.


Image of artist

Julia da Rocha

Julia Da Rocha is a Uruguayan-American graphic designer, illustrator, self-published children’s book author and painter. Da Rocha’s inspiration comes from her family’s heritage. Her work exuberates bold, vibrant colors intertwined with abstract flowery patterns inviting the viewer to see nature in diverse ways.


Image of artist

Cristina Fernández Klose

Cristina Fernández Klose is a Guatemalan contemporary artist, currently based in Miami, specializing in mixed media. Her work is based on everything that is felt but not seen and communicates the connections we all share with one another. An avid philanthropist, Fernández Klose donates a portion of her work to women’s charities in Guatemala.


Image of artist

Antonio Guerrero

Antonio Guerrero is a Cuban contemporary artist based in Miami. While serving in the Cuban military in Ethiopia, he was inspired by the people and scenes of Africa and developed an interest in modern expressionism. After returning to Cuba, he resumed his work as an artisan specializing in painting, engraving, wood carving, sculpting and metalwork before immigrating to America.


Image of artist

Alejandro Leyva

Alejandro Leyva is a Cuban contemporary artist currently based in Miami. After training at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Havana, Leyva also received training in ceramics, design and photography. His work is an expression of emotions painted with instinctive and volatile feelings, allowing the viewer to connect with the captured reflection.


Image of artist

Adorable Monique

Adorable Monique is a contemporary visual artist who grew up in Honduras, where she received her formal art education. Monique’s paintings explore the tangible and intangible aspects of our natural world and human experience, as well as the importance of cultural heritage. She intends to portray the inner beauty of things and its complexities, a deep meaning behind the apparent.


Image of artist


MANO is a Cuban-American contemporary visual artist. He came to the U.S. as part of Operation Peter Pan at the age of 12. Faces and the use of mixed media dominate MANO’s distinctive style. Through his work, he often explores the search for identity that forms part of the immigrant experience.


Image of artist

Katia Miranda

Katia Miranda is a Salvadoran contemporary visual artist in Guatemala. With a background in classic and contemporary dance, Miranda developed a love for music, light and movement. This has been a strong influence in her hyperrealistic oil paintings. Her primary objective is to raise difficult questions through paintings, sculpture and public art installations.


Image of artist

Gerhson Pernia

Gerhson Pernia is a Venezuelan contemporary visual artist living in Naples. Having practiced law for more than two decades, Pernia finally returned to art, which was always his true passion. He specializes in oil painting, and his works have varied from Impressionist landscapes to his fascination with lights and shadows of figures, animals and nature.


Image of artist

Lauren Amalia Redding

Lauren Amalia Redding is an artist and writer who has exhibited and curated across the U.S. She utilizes both the precision and the ephemera of silverpoint to create portraits inspired by her mother’s Cuban family and to pay homage to those who triumph over totalitarianism. In 2018, she relocated from New York to Naples.


Image of artist

Daniel Ruanova

Daniel Ruanova is a Mexican-American contemporary border artist working to push the traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture through his unconventional use of materials. Ruanova’s latest sculptures, made of galvanized steel, bring the battles and insecurity of his hometown’s unsafe habitat into the gallery setting.


Image of artist

Arturo Samaniego

Arturo Samaniego is a Mexican-American contemporary visual artist. His technique infuses creativity and inspiration with a high level of craftsmanship. Samaniego’s paintings make extensive use of beautiful textural effects, and they range from minimalist, tonal neutrality to the exuberant and colorful.


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