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Rediscovering Egypt

The Collection of the Dahesh Museum of Art

Lawrence Alma-Tadema (British, born in the Netherlands, 1836-1912). Joseph, Overseer of Pharaoh’s Granaries,1874. Oil on panel, 13 3/4 x 18 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 2002.38.

Ernst Karl Eugen Koerner (German 1846-1927). The Temple of Karnak, The Great Hypostyle Hall, 1890. Oil on canvas, 31 1/4 x 18 1/4 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 1995.114.

Karl Wilhelm Gentz (German, 1822-1890). A Snake Charmer in the Second Court of the Mortuary Temple of Rameses III, Maditnat Habu, Thebes, 1872. Oil on canvas, 23 1/2 x 36 1/2 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 1995.54.

Charles Théodore Frère (French, 1814-1888). Along the Nile at Gyzeh, ca. mid-late 1850’s. Oil on canvas, 38 x 51 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 1995.102.

François-Léon Benouville (French, 1821-1859). Portrait of Leconte de Floris in an Egyptian Army Uniform, 1840. Oil on canvas, 52 ¾ x 35 ½ inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 1997.34.

A previous exhibition
at The Baker Museum

January 25, 2014 — May 18, 2014

Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798, accompanied by scholars, artists and archaeologists, initiated the 19th century’s rediscovery of this extraordinary country. Writers, curious travelers and, most crucially, artists from many European countries followed and explored all aspects of its ancient and contemporary culture.Rediscovering Egypt combines original engravings from the Description de l’Egypte — considered the seminal work of modern Egyptology — with orientalist works from the collection of the Dahesh Museum of Art of New York City.

This exhibition is organized by The Dahesh Museum of Art

Charles Théodore Frère (French, 1814-1888). Café in Cairo. Oil on canvas, 18 1/8 x 15 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 2012.12.

Thomas Shotter Boys, (1803 – 1874). Principal Entrance to the Great Mosque El-Azhar. Color lithograph, 14 1/8 x 20 13/16 inches. From: The Holy Land, Views and Monuments, Robert Hay, 1840. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York.

Ludwig Deutsch (Austrian, 1855-1935). Learning the Koran. Oil on panel, 10 13/16 x 8 1/16 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 2004.1.

Hermann David Salomon Corrodi (Italian, 1844-1905). Campfire by the River: Kiosk of Trajan at Philae, ca. 1880. Oil on canvas, 33 x 25 inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York 1995.20.


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