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Student Filmmaker Showcase

Shorts Package

Silverspot Cinema

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Student Filmmaker Showcase

Shorts Package

K-12 Division


Miss Fortune

2021, NR, US, Romantic Comedy, 12 minutes
  Florida Premiere

Director: Samiksha Thakur
Producers: Cesar Ovalles, Samiksha Thakur
Writers: Daisy Levine, Samiksha Thakur
Cast: Lucy Baron, Nyere Riley, Naima Idrissi, Ashely Mejia, Jovy Mariano

Jane lands a date with a boy — a typical high school romance. But come date night, Jane receives a mysterious handwritten note in a fortune cookie.


2020, NR, US, Animation, 2 minutes
  World Premiere

Director and Writer: Jake Yun

Engaged in an epic battle that seems limitless, two determined competitors up the ante until we wonder where it will end.

Down Seafaring Way

2021, G, US, Drama, 8 minutes
  Florida Premiere
  French with English Subtitles

Directors: Roxy Morris, Sophia Lee, Shiva Kansagara, Meia Voss
Producer: Andrew Norbeck, Brad Kester
Writer: Roxy Morris
Cast: Tess Maretz, Sophie Maretz

On a cool evening, two sisters walk down an empty street when they realize everything is not as it seems.


2021, PG, US, Documentary, 4 minutes
  World Premiere

Directors, Producers and Writers: Grace Shao, Shailee Sankhala

The story of how Laurie and Mary Ellen Park saved their beloved plant nursery during the 2020 Bond Fire in Southern California — and how the power of family held them together.


2019, PG-13, US, Drama, 10 minutes
  Florida Film

Director: Joshua Bowen
Producer: Margaret Morale
Writer: Joshua Bowen
Cast: Abby Thomas, Rick Jansen, Joshua Bowen

In the wake of a recent accident, Selia must overcome her physical challenges in order to achieve mental serenity.


College/University Division


Stay on the Line for Further Assistance

2021, R, US, Dark Comedy, 5 minutes
  US Premiere

Director: Ashlynn Judy
Producer: Nhan Le
Writer: Ashlynn Judy
Cast: Chambers Stevens, Alexander Pont, Ashlynn Judy

When a lazy telemarketer accidentally calls an active kidnapping case, confusion and chaos ensue as he tries his best to save the hostage.

Nai Nai

2021, PG, US, Animation, 7 minutes
  World Premiere
  Chinese with English Subtitles

Directors, Producers and Writers: Hsiu Hsiu Lin, Minori Uemura

When a Chinese grandmother is introduced to her granddaughter’s Japanese fiancé, memories of trauma suffered at the hands of Japanese soldiers resurface, and she is forced to face her past.

Breaking Vanilla

Breaking Vanilla

2021, PG, US, Documentary, 8 minutes
  Florida Film

Director: Hollis Rosenkranz
Producer: Hollis Rosenkranz
Writer: Hollis Rosenkranz
Cast: Dr. Alan Chambers, Stephanie Webb, Landon Watford

Vanilla may be the world’s favorite flavor, but its story is anything but plain.

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Ruff and Buff

Ruff and Buff

2021, NR, US, Comedy, 3 minutes
  US Premiere

Director and Writer: Mee Huh

Harmony dreams of winning a dog show with her tiny dog, Thor. Unfortunately, Thor has something else in mind.

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Gretel & Hansel: A New Musical

Gretel + Hansel: A New Musical

2020, NR, US, Musical, 9 minutes

Director: Alex Preston
Producers: Alex Preston, Dany Flores
Writers: Alex Preston, Brad Brass, Cari Joy
Cast: Sarah Charles Lewis, Joseph Mason, Sophie Decker

When Gretel is discovered stealing her witch stepmother’s spell book, she and her skeptical brother, Hansel, set out on a quest to find their mother — and to uncover the mysterious truth about their family.

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Legend of the Claw

Legend of the Claw

2021, G, US, Animation, 2 minutes

Director and Writer: Shailyn Farmer

After winning a plushie in an arcade game, a young girl comes face to face with a vengeful, monstrous claw machine, bent on reclaiming the toy. The girl must steel herself with courage if she is to save her plushie.

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2021, NR, US, Drama, 22 minutes
  North American Premiere
  Hindi with English Subtitles

Director: Surya Ranganathan
Producers: Mrithula Chetlur, Navaneeth Balasubramanian
Writer: Surya Ranganathan
Cast: Anud Singh Dhaka, Nikhil Kedia, Nithin Ram, Nagarajan Lingam, PD Sathish Chandra, Akshay Yesodharan, Shravan Ramakrishnan

Imprisoned after uniting to protest against the British salt tax in India, several inmates are left to fight their internal struggles of class and caste.

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