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Kevin G. Mauldin, Principal Bass

Kevin G. Mauldin, principal bass, earned his B.M. degree from Memphis State University in 1982 and his M.M. degree from Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM) in 1985. A native of Memphis, he studied bass with Herman Burkhart, John Chiego and in Cincinnati with Frank Proto. His teaching responsibilities include a private studio with doublebass and electric bass students and the Hot Springs Music Festival as mentor and faculty member since 2007. Mauldin taught at the Brevard Music Center and also at the University of Miami from 2000 to 2010.

When not performing with the Naples Philharmonic, Mauldin performs with jazz artists in Southwest Florida. He is also a member of the newly formed Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra.

KGM String Repair is Mauldin's instrument repair shop, providing string repairs for professionals and students in the area. One of the bows he used during last season was made by him in 2005. Mauldin has been a member of the Naples Philharmonic since 1990.

Kevin Mauldin is underwritten by Mrs. Alan M. Hallene.

Name: Kevin G. Mauldin

Instrument: Double bass, electric bass guitar

Hometown: Memphis, TN

At what age did you begin playing your instrument? I started on the violin at age 9 and moved to the bass at age 13. I started bass guitar at age 15.

Who have been your greatest musical influences? My bass teachers John Chiego and Frank Proto. Also Francois Rabbath, Edgar Meyer, Ray Brown, John Clayton, the Count Basie Band, Earth Wind and Fire, Stanley Clarke, Neils Henning Ørsted-Pedersen, James Brown and all of the gospel, blues, funk jazz and soul music that I absorbed as a youngster in Memphis.

Who are your favorite composers? My fave five are: Beethoven, Bach, Richard Strauss, Mozart and Dvorák.

What career path would you have taken had you not chosen music? I think that I would have been in music, but not in classical music, perhaps in a jazz or a fusion-funk ensemble.

What's currently playing on your iPod or CD player? Nothing is currently playing, but I'll be listening to some audio books during my drive to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Your hobbies and interests: Bow making (bass bows, not ribbons!), playing tennis (badly), basketball, baking banana bread and sweet potato pie.

Some little-known, yet interesting facts about you: I used to tune pianos. I wore an Afro in the '70s. I played and sang in a funk band. I was a Sousaphonist in the University of Memphis Marching band. I did roofing and bartending while in Chattanooga during the summers.

Funniest concert moment: In a pops concert overture, I let out an extremely loud sneeze between the last two chords. I took a bow for it!

Daily practice rituals: Daily???? When I practice, I warm up with large muscle exercises such as long tones, large interval shifts (known as vomits in the bass world), scales, combined with: a) fingering patterns, b) rhythms, c) bowing patterns, and d) improvisatory patterns on each scale degree. Also, I will learn to transpose a jazz tune to a few keys and improvise on it.

The question you're asked most often about your instrument (and your answer): "What is that extra piece of fingerboard at the top of your bass for?" My answer: "It's an extension and allows me to play the extremely low notes that are often needed in orchestral music." Or sometimes people ask, "Don't you wished you chose the piccolo?"

Your favorite part about playing in the Naples Philharmonic: My favorite aspect of playing in the Philharmonic is the orchestra's ability to play at a generally high level regardless of the music (or conductor) that is in front of us.

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